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API Inspection of Tanks and Pipelines

API 653 Inspection

API 653 is a specialist inspection that outlines the key requirements for maintenance and operation of storage tanks in safe working conditions guaranteeing maximum asset service to the owner while protecting the environment from chemical or petroleum products contamination. The standard covers inspection, repair, alteration, and reconstruction of storage tanks built to the API Inspection requirements after they have been put in services. Quality Experts Limited has experienced API653 certified inspectors with more than 10 years’ experience serving the East Africa market including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti among others. We are in possession of equipment and logistical capacity to attend to both 5 years in-service and 10 years out-of-service inspection.

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API 570 Inspection

Quality Experts Limited API 570 team of specialists will prove resourceful to your organization throughout your pipeline project cycle. Our experts will assist your design engineers during systems design phase and ensure that your pipeline meets the minimum acceptable requirements for API 570 compliance once they have been put in service. We remain abreast with the latest pipeline inspection technology in the market which helps our team to acquire reliable and accurate inspection data in an efficient and timely manner to reduce downtime incurred during inspection. We serve the Eastern Africa market and our team will be mobilized from Nairobi, Kenya to your destination of choice.

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