Calibration Services

In a world where cost of petroleum keeps changing, accurate and precise calibration services are essential for the industry. To keep track of what has gone in or out of a tank or through a meter or the quantity of product in stock at any given time, you will require precise calibration services for meters and tanks.

Quality Experts Limited provides accurate calibration of petroleum storage tanks, bulk loading and offloading meters and aviation refuelling meters. We shall be using the latest technology for tank calibration, our competent personnel are equipped with calibrated measuring devices and we offer competitive rates. We also provide inspection services for tanks and pipelines.


Storage Tanks Calibration

Measurements include detailed assessments of wall verticality, roundness and shape, along with floating roof & floor profiles. Our Tank Calibration Services are conducted to the exacting requirements of the appropriate international standards published by the International Standards Organization (ISO) or by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Detailed volumetric tables are compiled for each tank and can be formatted according to the client’s requirements. Comprehensive tables can incorporate any standard units of measure for size, volume or both.

  • Vertical Tanks
  • Horizontal Tanks
  • Floating Roof (internal floating screen and external)Tanks
  • LPG Tanks
  • Road tankers
  • Aviation bowsers

Regulatory requirements set out by regulatory bodies and JIG stipulate the recalibration period. Imperceptible to the human eye a tank changes its calibration whenever the operating conditions are changed. This could be for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • Expansion or contraction of tank shells due to hydrostatic liquid head pressure or changes in operating temperature.
  • Any modifications to the tank or the dip plate – i.e., new pipe inverts, floor repairs, floating roof modifications, changes in deadwood, etc.
  • Changes in tank plate thickness.
  • Tilt and settlement of the tank with resultant changes in the tank geometry.
  • Change of product density – this will affect the expansion characteristics of the tank, hence the volume.

As storage tanks calibration needs traceability and standardisation, we follow the appropriate international standards published by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) or by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for measurements and also as per requirements and rules formulated by the Joint Inspection Group (JIG) and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to whom our measurements are traceable to. The standards in use are;

  1. American Petroleum Institute Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (API-MPMS) Chapter 2.2D/ISO 7507-4 Calibration of Upright Cylindrical Tanks Using the Internal Electro-Optical Distance Ranging Method.
  2. API-MPMS Chapter 2.2E/ISO 12917-1 Calibration of Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks Using Manual Methods
  3. API-MPMS Standard 2555 Liquid Calibration of Tanks.


Meters Calibration Services

Alongside Tank Calibration Services, QEL also offers flow meters calibration or proving services to offloading and loading meters in addition to aviation refueller meters. Calibration is undertaken on site in a timely, safe and accurate manner without interruption of your operations. Our competent personnel are adequately equipped with appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) in compliance with your Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) requirements. Our services cover all types of bulk meters be they mechanical meters, digital meters or aviation meters.

We are guided by the American Petroleum Institute – Manual of Petroleum
Measurement Standards (API-MPMS) Chapter 4, section 4 and 5; Meter Proving
Systems, Tank and Master – Meter Provers.
We also exact JIG requirements.